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Marine & RV ● Natural Marine Products

The ultimate in boat protection for the high humidity marine environment. We put these products head to head with any product in the industry.

Marine Polish #5046 – 450ml Ultra Violet (UV) Protection
Fiberglass Colour Restorer/ Wax #5076 – 450ml
Fiberglass Rubbing Compound #6083 – 350g
Aquamend (fibreglass) #70560 - 114g Quik Aluminum #57060 - 114g
Quik Wood (teak) #71060 - 57g
Non-Skid Deck Traction Wax #5070 – 450ml
Aluminum Boat Gel Cleaner #5097 – 900 ml
Easy-On Bottom Wax #5425 – 450ml “Full-season foul release.”
Easy-Spray Bottom Wax #5430 – 400 ml “Increased speed”
Canoe/Kayak Performance Wax #1710 – 450ml

Available in leading marine stores and Home Hardware.
Available in leading marine stores.

Developed for Quality, Value and Lake Stewardship

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