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Head, Toilet & Portable
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Developed originally for Aviation, Military and Transportation applications.

Head-O-Matic Liquid #4020 - 900ml “Clear, odourless, bio-degradable formula”
Head-O-Matic Blue Granular #4070 — 400g
Head-O-Matic Blue Granular #4082 — 1500g “Season size”
Head-O-Matic Blue Granular #4080 - 3.6 kg “Bulk size”
Head-O-Lube #4085 - 225ml (Lubricate pumps and seals)
Shock Treat #4025 — 900ml (Whistle cleans waste holding tanks)
Fresh Tank #4031 — 1kg (Cleans and sanitizes fresh water tanks)
Water Tank Treat #4086 — 250ml (Keeps potable water fresh)

Head-O-Matic Tankette #4106 (Installs in intake line to head. one
Automatically treats each flush 10’s of 1000's in cruising marketplace)
Head-O-Matic Tankette replacement bullets # 4105 (Six pack)

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*Note: Larger sizes 4L/20L/205L or 1.5kg/4kg available for most products

Developed for Quality, Value and Lake Stewardship

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