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I have a boat and over the past 24 years look after it and clean it regularily. This past weekend after haulout I started to clean the boat and winterize it. This is the first time I bought your product from Home Hardware. I had to email your compny to comment on the product. All marks and discolour completely disappeared without having to use any pressure. This is the best product I have ever used as I have used a lot of products but will be using your products from now on. Thank You.

Gordon Morgan -

I own a 1948 Cadillac and Battery Equaliser brought battery back. I now treat all 82 batteries in my Forklifts and Pallets jacks. Replacement of batteries has been zero.

Bob Henderson -

I'm writing to compliment you on your product Battery Equaliser. In the year 2000, I replaced Fifth Wheel batteries and treated them with your product. 10 years later they are still performing at 100%

Dave Anderson -

We have been in forklift repair business for 20 years. In Staples warehouse we treated a 4 year old Hawker battery that was down to 3 hrs running time. After treating and running 4 days, it is now back to a 5 hr battery. We are pleasantly surprised!

Tony Moreno -

I am writing in regards to the product Battery Equalizer that we purchased earlier this season. We were having issues with our electric utility vehicles keeping their charge. Typically we were only getting battery life between 1-2 hours before they needed recharging. After using Battery Equalizer we are getting upwards of 6-7 hours of battery life.
This has greatly increased our use of this equipment. I thank you for introducing us to this great product.

Kris Brown -
Golf Course Superintendent

Now that the season is finally over, I wanted to take a couple of minutes to thank you for supplying me with the Battery Equaliser product. I added the solution to my batteries at the beginning of the summer. After about 4 or 5 charges my 2 year old trolling motor batteries were as good as new. As a tournament angler one of the worries that is always on my mind is "Will my batteries be strong enough to drive my trolling motor all day?" This is a problem I don't have to worry about any more. Even if I am fishing 3 or 4 days in a row, I know my batteries will get a full charge faster and last a lot longer than they did before. And the great thing is that I didn't have to spend hundreds of dollars on new batteries.
Thanks again! Yours in Sport Fishing

Garrett S. Green -

My forklift would only run for two hours and needed daily charges. Now treated with 100ml per cell and running full 5 hours and only charge every few weeks! Great energy saver.

Ray's Marine -
Brampton, ON


Just Add Arenas

No more dust, our horses and riders are happy." Gillonna Farms and Equestrian Centre, Milton "Our indoor riding arena turned out amazing, thank you.

Royal Canadian Riding Academy -
Cedar Valley

Within 48 hours we had total dust control in our indoor arena. Excellent automatic natural dust control.

Gillonna Farms -

Riders and staff amazed at immediate dust free results. We recommend it to any arena.

Royal Canadian Riding Academy -

We applied 25 tubs of Zeolite mixture last week. Results-Outstanding! The product resolved our dust problems overnight and the resulting consistency greatly improved the traction for the horses. They love it!

Lew MacKenzie -

We applied the product yesterday, and it's already mostly dissolved, with wonderful results.

Lillian -
Stonegate Farms


Your Head-O-Matic and Shock Treat product saved our marriage!

Boater -
Port Credit


One north Ontario marina owner, sitting at his regular outdoor picnic table office, called his son over and said, "Have you noticed there are no mosquitoes this year?" The son replied , "Oh, I forgot to tell you, I sprayed the area a few days ago with Mosquito-LESS !" The father was obviously impressed.
We sprayed our property twice last summer. We only saw 2 mosquitoes in the backyard all summer. When we swam in the pool in the evenings, we used to get mosquitoes hovering about a foot off the surface of the pool, this year none! What a great product.

A Mississauga homeowner -


We are a total fan of your products, always perform and environmentally way ahead of the curve

Boater -
Georgian Bay


We can now enjoy our waterfront again.... and soft on the feet

Senior Cottager -


No more sand and silt in shower and piece of mind on Zebra Mussel control.

Cottager -