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Pneumatic Lubricants

Polar-Lube Demo Video

An overview of the pneumatic lubricant line from Alex Milne Associates Ltd.
Virtually Non-Toxic Pneumatic Lubricants
including the unique Polar-Lube which protects lines from freezing down to minus 60 F.

Easy Spray

Application Video

Full season boat bottom protection in minutes.
The thinner it is applied the better it works.
Full season fresh water, intermittent salt water.

Battery Equaliser

Application Video

Small top up of this water based additive will up to double the life of all lead batteries.
Sold globally.


Application Video

Removes minor oxidation on up to 3 year old boats and provides ultimate protection.
Excellent UV protection.

Head-O-Matic Tankette

Application Video

Automatically treats every flush of marine toilets.
Installs in minutes in intake line. No more rotten egg odours.
Preferred by cruising boater and families. We save marriages with this product. So...


Application Video

Creating a 3-dimensional zone with "MOSQUITO-Less" is another easy "Do It Yourself" process.
Simply attach garden hose to Hose End Spray on bottle.
7 minutes of spraying covers up to 3000 sq. ft.

Just Add Arenas

Application Video

See how applying "Just Add Arenas" is such an easy "Do It Yourself" process.
No need to bring in outside contractors. No arena downtime.
A healthier environment for horses, riders, trainers and guests. "Just Add Arenas" is your answer to safe and effective arena dust control.


Installation Video

noWEEDmatInstallation Video See how deploying the noWEEDmat kit is a "Do It Yourself" project. Suits any lake or river.
Complete installation instructions included in each kit.
1000's installed to date.