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The leading cleanable Zebra Mussel filter in all Ministry of Environment and GBA tests. Absolutely no Zebra Mussel veligers can get through. 6-10 year product life.

Sand, Silt, Zebra Mussel Veligers & Schistosomes, Spiny Water fleas, filtered out at the source. "Gin Clear Water"

Marine Refresh

# 5502, 900ml, 12 cs

Zebra 40 Filter #7040 ½ HP
Zebra 90 Filter #7090 ¾ HP
Zebra 170 Filter #7170 1 HP

Zebra Submersible Filter System #7094 ½ HP, #7175 ¾ HP

Zebra Filter Cleaner, granular #7042 (Helps remove odour and mildew stains annually) Quick Disconnect #7067 (Allows for easy cleaning of filters, no tools required in water)

Zebra Boat Wax #7020 400ml (Protects Hulls)
Zebra Mussel Buster Engine Protection 12V 2000 #7062 (Protects outdrive intakes)
Zebra Engine Protection #7060 (mounts inline to protect all inboard engine intakes)
Zebra 40/90 Protective mounting box #7110 (supports filters)

For aquatic weed control, see our noWEEDmat product:

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Where to purchase in Canada: Local plumbing dealer/lake installer.

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