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Pneumatic Lubricants

Rule of Thumb:

One litre per lubricator for approximately three (3) month’s supply. (ie) 21 lubricators, order 20L of pneumatic lubricant.

Canada’s leading “OccUsafe” pneumatic lubricants for air tools, pneumatic valves, cylinders and hoists.

Virtually No Toxins (VNT) for excellent worker health and environment conditions.

Most industrial plants, government and military departments now specifying “OccUsafe” lubricants.

Proper airline treatment can up to seven (7 X) the life of pneumatic equipment!” Leading international air tool group.


Air Tool, valve, cylinder, air hoist lubricants

#3061 – 1L x 12 case #3062 – 4L x 4 case
#3063 – 10L x 2 case
#3063 – 205L Drum
#3060 – 250ml x 20 case – Sample Size “Silent Salesman”

The Pneu-Green base meets the international ISO 14001 specifications, which focuses on the “OccUsafe” protection of workers and natural environment. It also is ISO 9001 and meets QS9000 developed by Chrysler, Ford, General Motors and the North American truck manufacturers. It has ISO/TS 16949 registration for automotive suppliers.

Pneu-Lube Food Grade

A clear, registered food grade lubricant for use in both Canada and USA.

Food grade approvals:

Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA),
NSF H1, 3H registered, FDA 21 CFR-section 178.3570 incidental food contact,
178.3620 (a) contact with aqueous and fatty foods.
Certified Kosher & Pareve by Star K, Halal by IFANCA.
Free of genetically modified substances (GMS)
Maintains food-allergy safety. Free of gluten, no peanuts, tree nuts or derivatives.

#3095-1 1L X 12 case
#3095 – 10L x 2
#3095-205 – 205L Drum

Polar Lube

Certified “OccUsafe” Protects air lines down to -60F (-50C). Keeps tools and outdoor machinery functioning in severe arctic conditions. Will unfreeze frozen tools, compatible with polycarbonate bowls and sight glass.

Applications: Any outdoor or unheated space, pipeline construction, forestry.

#3096 – 1L x 12
#3097 – 4L x 4
#3099 – 205L Drum

Instant Polar-Lube demonstration:

Put a small amount of Polar Lube in a clear water glass. Take to a tap and begin adding water. Polar Lube instantly absorbs all the water.

Other Lubricants:

Talk to us (1-800-563-5947) for any other industrial lubricant applicants - automotive, greases, process fluids, fuels & refinery products.

Where to purchase:

Available through your local leading Industrial Distributors.

For further assistance contact the manufacturer: Alex Milne Associates Ltd, 1-800-563-5947