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"No More Aquatic Weeds for Less Than $25 per Summer. 1000s sold."

Easy to install, floats in place, sinks on it's own and breathes with the lake, pond or river. Weed-free boating, docking and swimming. Environmentally sound, Enviro-Global rating, cleanable, "Soft on the feet".

Each kit has two, easy to roll out, 9ft X 30ft (3M x 10M) noWEEDmats. These will cover an area 18ft x 30 ft, and can be moved during the season to cover even greater area.

Expected life 15-20 years.

noWEEDmat kit #1251
noWEEDmat Cleaner #9952

Ultimate weed protection along docks, boat slips, swimming areas, beach fronts and ponds.

Benthic underwater mats are considered by many environmental groups, cottage associations and USA MNR groups as one of the leading methods to control aquatic weeds. As in any other in water activities, weed cutting and pulling, Fisheries and Oceans suggest you check with your local conservation authority and mats be deployed at the end of June, after the fish spawn.


In most applications: Holding the four corners of noWEEDmat, on a calm day, simply float the mat over the area and it sinks on its own in about 5 minutes. Straighten the mat, place shoe sized rocks or sand bags provided, first on the corners and then along edges, as required by your local wave/current conditions.

To allow optimum control of the mat by two people, attach either 8 ft #4 (1/2")rebar or 10 ft 1.5" black PVC pipe to each of the ends of the mats. These are readily available at your local lumber or hardware store and cable ties are provided in the kit.

In excessive weed, mud, silt or deep water areas:
To obtain maximum hold down and extra venting of potential organic gassing, we suggest to cable tie 1/2" rebar to the bottom of the mat (noWEEDmat lettering on the bottoms side) at 4ft intervals and slice small vents as per instructions in the kit. Cable ties and rebar protective ends are provided in the kit.

Mat can be folded as illustrated and deployed by two people in shallow water or off the back of a small boat. In deep water applications, appropriate length 1/8 ' line is required for beach tension on one end and location bottle float on the other end.

Mats can be moved to a new location every 5-6 weeks and can be removed in late summer, cleaned with biodegradable cleaner # 9952, sun dried and stored at the cottage. If excessive silt builds up, simply pull mat over itself in the water and back again.

In excessive weed, mud, silt or deep water areas:

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