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Just Add Horses

Just Add Horses has a mission to put environmentally better, sustainable, award winning, Eco-Equine products into the horse industry.

Just Add Horses strive to support the National and Provincial equine and environmental federations and do provide a number of annual industry Environment Trophies to farms and groups who help to raise the environmental bar. All nominations are encouraged

The ingredients and packaging in our Just Add Horses products are carefully blended and selected, in a environmentally registered facility, to be Eco-effective, and thus allowing most of our products to carry our symbol and meet International Tier 2 Environmental Standards. In addressing the unique needs of horses, riders and staff, Just Add Horses are providing a healthier, more sustainable sport our future generations will enjoy.

We use the highest grade Zeolites in both our Just Add Arenas, all natural dust control, and our Zeo-Fresh stall moisture/odour control. This unique natural mineral created millions of years ago,instantly adsorbs moisture and ammonia thus; healthier, sustainable arenas and stalls, with less effort, without the use of petroleum or vegetable oil, lime, and diatom/clay based products.

Just Add Leather Conditioner # 1370

Just Add Leather is a delicate leather conditioner formulated without waxes, silicone or petroleum distillates to clean, condition, and protect all of your leather gear, including boots, saddles, bridles, etc.

It contains natural oils to enhance colour and lustre while promoting water and stain resistance.

Blanket Clean #1361 - 900ml Concentrate

Over the course of the fall and winter months, it is important to provide your Equine partner with clean, dry, and odour free blankets and sheets on a regular basis. Bacteria and sweat build up on soiled blankets and cause skin irritations and sores.

Just Add Horses Blanket Clean & Sheet Wash provides a waterbased, low foaming free rinsing Eco-formula for cleaning and odours control. Follow up with #1360 Just Add Blankets ultimate waterproofer. Use #1390 Stable-Re-Fresh in between washes to help eliminate odours.

Just Add Blankets # 1360

This is the water based, easy to use, silicon free, waterproofing preferred by the leading blanket care specialists on both natural and synthetic surfaces.

Simply lightly spray the surfaces to be treated Can also be used to treat boots, clothing and outdoor structures.

ZEO-Fresh #1380 50lbs/1381-25lbs /1382 - 100lbs

A sustainable Zeolite based stall treatment to instantly absorb ammonia and moisture to render stalls healthier and easier to maintain. Simply spread 3-6 cups of ZEO-Fresh into clean stall, and add usual bedding.

Once a day, toss a cup of ZEO-Fresh onto the wet spots. Zeolite improves the environment from the stall to manure pile and on to the field. It allows nitrogen (fertilizer) absorbed from the urea( ammonia) to be accessible to the soil and plants. No need for caustic lime, diatoms/clay and we all win!

Just Add Arenas

"All Natural Dust Control"

Dust in indoor arenas can be a major health hazard to horses, riders, trainers and staff. Traditionally farms have used oiling, but oil, of any kind, and lungs are not a good mixture. It is also difficult to recycle oiled footings. Simply harrow arena, spread our proven DIY natural Just Add Arenas (JAA) product and let the horses work it in.

Our Zeolite based dust control system uses Mg. to attract moisture out of the ambient air. The Zeolite acts like a humidistat to control the moisture in the footing. It also controls odours and helps extend the life of the footing. No more watering or oiling! Glowing testimonials on this Eco sustainable system. Once footing needs to be replaced, years down the line, the entire system is considered a fertilizer and contains multiple nutrients and plant ready nitrogen for the fields.

The initial "shock treat" application will last up to 2 years. Then all you do is, top it up with a small amount of Just Add Arenas in year 3,4,5 etc. For average 125 ft. x 70 ft. arena, the cost breaks down to less than $2.00 day over a 10 year average. Every footing is unique, and some are so far ground down or full of wood chips, rubber etc, they are beyond treating. To protect both our interests,we like to ask you send in a 1LB sample. You can use our UPS #.

We do a FREE initial lab assessment that gives us all an estimate how much "shock treat" is required on your footing. Most footing will average about 50 Lbs for each 175 sq Ft. and we can initially give you an estimate based on that figure. See typical installation video on

Call us 1-800-563-5947 for details, initial JAA estimate.

Just Add Barns # 1315
This unique water based technology can be added to any existing cleaner to SecureClean any surface or material on the farm.

Add a few ounces to your favorite wash for horse blanket, towels, soiled tack , buckets , stalls , floors, walls etc to ensure total cleanliness and maximum odour control.

Battery Equaliser 500ml #4826, 4L #4827

Expect to up to Double the Life of all farm related Lead/Acid batteries. Trucks, RV, ATV, tractors, deep cycle fence, solar or wind batteries in good mechanical condition can be brought back to like new condition. Simply add a few ounces of this water based top up to each cell and work the batteries. 80% of the batteries on the market can be treated.

As the battery runs or is charged, this globally patented technology reverses the sulphation, that builds up on the cells, and kills batteries, and puts it right back into the battery acid electrolyte.

After 5-10 runnings your batteries have increased voltage, higher CCA, and performance. Used by Military and anyone else who wants increased battery life. Battery manufactures suggest you equalize a battery every 6 months ! Who knew!
Treated storage batteries require up to 80% less trickle charge to stay maintained in peak condition.
Treated batteries store better in the winter months. Instead of loosing up to 10 % of it's charge per month, which over 6 or 7 months could ruin a battery or cause it to freeze, a treated battery may only loose 3 % per month and ready to go in the spring. Farmers, with all their batteries, are considered our best customers. Obviously, this product will not recover a battery with a shorted cell. It can also be used on sealed and gel ,which can dry out, batteries. Call us for details. Available at leading tack shops, marine stores, Home Hardware #6610-857.