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Just Add Arenas

Arena Dust Overview

Dust in arenas is created as the sand, woodchips, rubber and any other ingredients gradually break down.

Horses can breathe up to 75 X the amount of air we do and obviously a dusty arena can lead to a host of respiratory related problems for everyone involved.

The most common dust management practice is to water arena footing. Watering adds weight to dust particles and helps to bind them. However, microbes, molds, and fungi are suspect to inhabit damp arena footing.

In our climate it is difficult to water in the winter and what follows is a basic discussion on some of the standard alternatives and an introduction of new Canadian dust control product now available.

One of the most common alternatives to constant watering is oiling. Standard arenas can require 4000 litres or more of oil to control the dust. This is almost 20 drums of oil! Most of these are referred to as, high tech, clean, safe, virgin, food grade, refined or synthetic organic fluids etc. Oil, dust and lungs are not a healthy scenario.

Some of these sands are treated with a polymer wax coating to help bind the dust and can be extremely expensive.

These coatings are all petroleum based, have to be sprayed on from truck by contractors and obviously have both health and environmental implications both in use and disposal.

Calcium chloride (salt) has also been used. This will prevent freeze ups and attract moisture but can be detrimental to horse hooves, legs, metal and leather products. Eventual disposal of it can become an agricultural problem.

There are some fabric /fiber products (ground synthetic felt) being offered to mix in with footing but require more watering to keep moist and does not solve winter scenario.

There are other materials for arenas like diatomaceous earth etc that claim to hold more moisture, but again watering is not a practical winter option for us in Canada.

A Canadian developed, granular, easy to apply, alternative to all of the above "Just Add Arenas" has many environmental and health attributes. This all-natural mineral and plant extract product efficiently pulls the moisture from the ambient air. The footing immediately absorbs this and automatic moisture and freeze control is achieved. No more watering or oiling required.

Simply spread this granular DIY product, with standard spreader on arena and allow the horses to work it in.

This product combines magnesium, commonly used as a fertilizer, with zeolite The result is an automatic moisture, odour control, improved footing aeration. It helps break down clumping and organics (manure), captures ammonia (urea), helps maintain footing Ph and acts as an excellent soil conditioner.

Included in "Just Add Arenas" is a priority natural plant saponin, which helps footing to maintain or boost its natural bacterial activity and thus water holding ability, along with its ability to break down organics.

The manufacturer, Alex Milne Associates Ltd,, always suggest, as each footing is unique, to creep up on each application. 50lbs of product will treat up to 175 sq. ft. Maintenance of your arena footing, may require an occasional top-up of product, especially near outer doors, high traffic areas. A 30% ratio, annual top up is suggested to maintain surface. No more watering required.

Dust in indoor arenas is no longer a problem for horses, riders or instructors, footing is improved and disposal of this all natural product can actually improve the environment.

Just Add Arenas
Application Instructions

Applying "Just Add Arenas" is an easy process. Application is "Do It Yourself". No need to bring in outside contractors. No arena downtime. Let the horses help do the work for you.

This high-tech mineral additive is easily spread over arena footing and acts as an automatic dust and odour control for indoor riding arenas. This allows a healthier environment for horses, riders, trainers and guests. No more oiling or watering required. 50lbs covers up to 175 sq ft. Carries Enviro Global rating.

Step #1: Box Harrow your indoor arena footing

Step #2: Make sure you scrape in all extra footing built-up on side walls (Kick boards)

Step #3: Regular Harrow (Tyne and Scrape)

Step #4: Apply "Just Add Arenas" with standard push fertilizer spreader, or fertilizer spreader attached to utility vehicle or tractor.

Step #5: Let the horses work it in!!!!

If you require assistance in sourcing the above product, call Alex Milne Associates at 1-800-563-5947 for immediate assistance.