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Instant Repair &
Polymeric Systems Inc.

“Cures underwater. Every Tool Box needs these.”


Instant 45-minute cure repair to approx. 75% of original material strength.

  • QuickCopper#62560 — 114g QuickWood#71060 — 57g (Teak & Furniture Repair)
  • FastSteel#51060 — 114g Instacrete#77550 — 114g (Concrete Repair) QuickPlastic#75550 — 114g (ABS & PVC Plastic Repair)
  • QuickAluminum#57060 — 114g
  • Aquamend#70560 — 114g (Fiberglass Repair)
  • RepairltQuick#50560 — 114g (All-purpose & Sculpture Repair) QuickTitanium(High Heat)#78055 — 114g
  • Potable water or USDA rating

Where to buy in Canada: Leading marine stores and chandleries. Key industrial distributors, Tenaquip, Checker Industrial, and Lee Valley Tools (Quickwood only).

If you require assistance in sourcing the above products, call Alex Milne Associates at 1-800-563-5947 for immediate assistance.