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Hull Care

Leading environmentally-friendly marine-care products developed for Quality, Value and Lake Stewardship.

Clean & protect hulls above the waterline and provide non-toxic “foul release” below the waterline for easier cleaning and reduced friction. One “thin thin” foul release application lasts an entire season. Rated full-time fresh water, intermittent salt water. Clean off any fuzz on regular basis.

Aquamend (fiberglass) Epoxy Repair #70560 — 114g
Quick Aluminum Epoxy Repair #57060 — 114g
Faststeel Epoxy Repair #51060 — 1149
Easy- Spray #5430 — 400 ml “Foul Release, apply and buff”
Marine Polish #5046 — 450ml “High UV Screen”
Fiberglass Colour Restorer/ Wax #5076 — 450ml
Aluminum Boat Gel Cleaner #5097 — 900 ml
Boat Bottom Cleaner #5011 — 900ml “Used by professionals”
Slime Be Gone #5018 — 450 g

*Note: Larger sizes 4L/20L/205L or 4kg available for most products. Available at leading marine stores and Home Hardware.

Developed for Quality, Value and Lake Stewardship

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