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Natural Marine "Easy Spray" Boat Bottom Spray #5430/400ml
Environment Canada EcoLogo Rated

This proven Foul Release underwater wax coating is Applied in Minutes to help give cleanable full season boat bottom protection. Helps reduce drag, increase top end speed and reduce fuel consumption.Treats up to 24 ft.

Over 1 Million boats treated globally with this system.

Ideal for: Fiberglas, Aluminum, Sail , Power, Pontoon boats , Inflatables, Canoes , Kayaks and Fenders.
Rated :full season fresh water , intermittent (trailered) salt water.
Cleaning During Season: Clean bottom of boat and outdrives
easily, if fuzz develops, with soft brush or sponge. The more
you use the boat the better.
End of Season: Simply clean hull with medium brush or white
abrasive pad, as you pull the boat out. Pressure or acid wash
will not remove the coating. If necessary use Natural Marine
Boat Bottom cleaner # 5011 to whistle clean hull and remove
any brown waterline stains and rinse.Allow to dry and reapply
one thin, thin coat in fall or spring. Apply every season.
"The thinner the coat the better it works!"

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